is a Group Buying Sites Aggregator that Singapore most popular group buying daily deals. Instead of visiting every single group buying site to find out the daily deals, now you can just visit a single site to check out the latest deals. Every deals has been group accordingly to the category. You can just browse the category that you like and sort it based on the latest deals, most popular, pricing (high to low or low to high) and deals that going to end soon. You can even use the search function to find favourite deal! Currently, it aggregates the famous group buying companies such as Alldealsasia,, Groupon, Nicedeal, Streetdeal, Voucherlicious and etc

Present for baby full-moon

Your best best invite you to his baby full-moon, and you are headache what present to buy for him. You don’t want the usual gifts like 2 packets of diapers, baby hamper or even just an Ang Pow. Here is something interesting where you can impress all the host when you attend the party – diaper cake. Diaper cake is the best gift for baby full-moon. It is made by baby useful items such as diapers, handkerchief, baby socks, towels, soft toy and etc. A great baby full-moon gifts that is practical and nice, don’t you think so?

4D Prize calculator

Strike 4D but not sure how much you have won? Go look for a 4D prize calculator. I know there are number of websites, even the NFOs do provide 4D prize calculator. But none of them give you the convenient to check all 3 NFOs in one time, except is another 4d results site, but what impress me is the 4d prize calculator. Where i can check my number with all 3 NFOs at the same time. Go give a try!

Malaysia all groupon deals

Recently am addicted to the discount coupons, or groupons ticket. I can save for more than 50% of every deals. This gave me an opportunity to try our different restaurant and services. But to browse every single groupon website, sometimes it is kind of time consuming.

But now, i found a nice site that show all Malaysia Groupon. It is an aggregator for all the groupon services. Those groupon deals that you can find in are:

WordPress Spam comments!

These 2 days, 1 of my blog site keep receiving spam comments. almost 40 a day! I have to login and delete those spam comments from blog, which are quite annoying for me. End up, i have to turn off the comments for some post, then only managed to stop it.

But today, i received some comments, that doesn’t not show it was commented on which post, and all the field are just blank! I believe those i received in earlier, it was injected by a bot on specific post. Now i had turned off the comment for those post, and the bot still inject to it, but with no contents and post title. I have to find a way to stop it ASAP now!

Driving School

Today, my staff is asking me on which driving school is good, he would like to take the course and get a driving license. I know most people would like to survey anything before making any decision. But i seriously don’t know how to answer him. I still can remember my trainer keep scolding on me while i was learning the driving skill. I hate that uncle so much, but at end, i managed to pass the exam and get my driving license. So if that good or bad?

Programmer or Bugger?

Recently I am working with a team on a CMS. My team is handling on the website design and SEO, while another team is working on the CMS, and some customize module. It is not a happy experience with the team, and this is not the first time i work with that team.

Again, the whole development do not go smooth. Lot of issues raised and we have to answer to the client, as the deal is coming from my team. Client is not happy with the CMS, as it doesn’t look like what we had proposed to them earlier. Not even on the design, this CMS has lot of bugs. I wonder why we have provided the design to them, and also the user requirements, but the final output can be so big different?? Well, perhaps i’m working with the wrong team. They are not programmer, they are BUGGER! They create bugs!